Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lang's Brewery

Beer and brats. It's hard to get more German than that. My German immigrant ancestors who settled in Covington, Kentucky were involved in both the brewer and butcher trades. At the beginning of the month, I wrote about master butcher Sebastian Haiss and his creation of a butcher shop which was later taken over by his son Charles Hais. I also wrote about brewer Charles Lang, and how his household became a home for Mary Francis Oyler, the daughter of my 3rd-great-grandmother Marianna Haiss Oyler. This post will focus on Lewisburg Brewery, the business operated by Charles Lang.
Charles Lang formed the Lewisburg Brewery with Frank Knoll in 1859, which they operated until selling to John Seiler in 1884. The book History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, Volume 2, has a description of the brewery and an interesting biography on Charles:

I had thought Mary Francis Oyler may have been living in the Lang household because Charles' wife Mary was a younger sister of Marianna Haiss Oyler. But according to the History of Kentucky and Kentuckians biography on Charles Lang, his wife was Mary Senf of Obersaulheim, Hesse-Darmstadt. Mary lived in their household as a servant, before marrying Joseph Lux in 1884.

It's great to see the image of the brewery and read about Lang's background. It looks like Mary Francis settled into a nice household after the death of her father Samuel Oyler, and into a close-knit German-American community in Covington.

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