Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wandering Old Baku

Earlier in the week I participated in two events in Baku, Azerbaijan. This was my first trip to this country and to the Caucasus region straddling Europe and Asia on the Caspian Sea. Our hotel was across from the massive Baku Boulevard (or Dənizkənarı Milli Park in Azeri), and a short 1.2 mile run to the landmark Maiden Tower and Old City of Baku (İçəri Şəhər). This is a collection of photos from a few wanderings through the Old City - once at sunrise following a run to the foot of the Maiden Tower, and later in the evenings.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Maiden Tower, Baku.
Photo by Patrick Jones. 9 Sept 2014. Old Baku with Flame Towers behind.

Architecturally Baku is a mix of new Dubai-style glitz, Soviet era buildings, Ottoman, Persian and older influences. The Old City is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Photo by Patrick Jones.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Mosque in Old Baku.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Next to Shirvanshah Palace with Flame Towers.
On our last evening in the city, a small group of colleagues and I went walking for a place to have local Azeri food. Along our walk, winding through the Old City, we saw a different side of life from the conference hotel. An example is the picture below, taken near dusk. One can see a young boy, probably close in age to my own son, riding his bicycle up the street while his sister, or a neighbor, watches. Once back at home I made the center of the picture larger. Pretty cool capture of life in the Old City.
Photo by Patrick Jones. In Old Baku.
Photo by Patrick Jones. A closer look at Old Baku.

I'll have more pictures over the weekend, showing a sunrise run along the Caspian Sea, Maiden Tower art festival paintings, and Baku at night.


  1. Patrick, you go to some of the most absolutely fascinating and unusual places. Thanks for sharing those photographs. It's a snap I'll never see a place like that in person!

  2. Thanks Jacqi, I know I'm very lucky to do what I do and see some amazing places. I thought the blog would be a good way to mix my historical finds with the present things that I see around the world. Hopefully someday the kiddos will find this interesting too.


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