Thursday, August 31, 2017

Working backward on the Amado family

Source: Ancestry. Marriage record of Santos Amado and Gertrudis Cordova.
In the AncestryDNA connections I administer for myself, my sister, my Mom and her sisters, we all have multiple hits for others who descend from Manuel Amado and his wife Ysmaela Ferrer. Manuel was a son of Santos Amado and Gertrudis Cordova, who were married in Hermosillo, Sonora on 19 June 1822 (see the record above from Ancestry's Mexico Church Records database). This document shows Santos Amado was a son of Jose Jesus Amado and Gertrudis Palomino. My theory is that these are my 5th-great-grandparents, and that Santos had a brother named Jesus Amado (my 4th-great-grandfather). Which would make Santos Amado the uncle of my 3rd-great-grandmother Maria Concepcion Amado. I can't verify this with records yet. But from the DNA results, this looks very plausible.

Santos Amado and Gertrudis Cordova

From available baptism records, Santos and Gertrudis had at least the following children:
- Jesus Silvestre Amado, born 31 December 1823 in Pitic
- Joseph Joaquin Mateo Amado, born 21 September 1827 in Pitic
- Joseph Manuel Amado, born 27 October 1829 in Hermosillo
- Jose Rafael Amado, born 3 Dec 1838 in Hermosillo

Our AncestryDNA connections descend from Manuel and Rafael Amado. My next post will look at the family of Rafael, and then I will turn to Manuel in a separate post.

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