Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Looking again at DNA connections

Source: Arizona Memory Project. Amado Family, c. 1884.
Last June I took a closer look at the marriage record of Ysabel Portillo and Vicente Cruz, showing it was witnessed by Alberto Amado and his wife Sara Molina Amado. I speculated at the time about a possible connection between Alberto's parents, Manuel Amado and Ysmaela Ferrer Amado, and my own 3rd-great-grandmother Maria Concepcion Amado. The photo above shows some of the family of Manuel and Ysmaela, living near Tucson about 1884.

Back in December 2016 I also tried to reverse engineer from AncestryDNA connections, following the path of members from the Urias family. Based on the DNA matches for myself, sister, my Mom and her sisters, we have a pretty strong connection to descendants of Manuel Amado and Ysmaela Ferrer. I have a theory of how we may be related, which I will outline over the next few posts.

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