Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Small Details

In June I posted a photo of the World War I draft card for Jesus Felix Campuzano. At the time I overlooked a small detail, listing Jesus as a blacksmith working for "A. Vasquez". What are the odds that this was Adolfo Vasquez?

Separately, back in July 2012, I wrote about Isabel Portillo, sister of my great-grandmother Manuela Portillo, and Isabel's husband Vicente Cruz. Their marriage certificate is found in Ancestry's Arizona, County Marriage Records from 12 October 1925. The certificate lists Alberto M. Amado and Sara Amado as witnesses. This makes me wonder if these two are connected to my 3rd-great-grandmother Maria Concepcion Amado.
Ancestry, Arizona County Marriage records.
Alberto Amado married Sara Molina in Tubutama, Sonora on 19 September 1901. He was the son of Manuel Amado and Ismaela Ferrer. These two appear in the 1900 US Census in Tucson. Another search revealed a news clipping from the Tucson Daily Citizen dated 15 March 1961 with a picture of the Amado family.
Tucson Daily Citizen, 15 Mar 1961
At this point I do not know yet if this Amado family connects to my own. Manuel and Ismaela appear in the 1870 US Census in Tucson and it looks like they were married in Altar, Sonora on 4 July 1859. I have not yet been able to find a record showing Manuel Amado's parents, but if they were Jesus Amado and Antonio Velez, then Manuel would be a younger brother of my 3rd-great-grandmother Maria Concepcion Amado. I can't confirm this though. For now I'm going to leave this here in case others researching this family stumble on the page, and other records become available that might identify more information on the Amado family in Sonora.

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