Thursday, July 7, 2016

In Between Stories

Posting has been a bit slow to start the month of July. Last week I was in Helsinki, Finland, followed by a stopover in Iceland to check out things in advance of next month's Reykjavik Marathon. And then I returned to 4th of July festivities. The swelter of DC summer is certainly in full swing this week too, which has contributed to the lag in posting.

For the moment I am turning my attention from the Campuzano and Moreno families while awaiting some additional information to arrive. One of the problems with bouncing around across different lines is I occasionally misplace previous findings, thinking I might hold these off for later posts. Then these are forgotten until I run across them again. This week I stumbled onto a set of old photos of family related to my Suastegui line sitting in my email, from the family of Maria Concepcion Suastegui, sister of my 4th-great-grandfather Pedro Suastegui. I will be bring these to the blog over the next few days.

While looking up links on the Suastegui family, I keep running across Francisco Suastegui who was a Commercial Attache for the Mexican government to the US in the 1920s. He was a signatory on behalf of Mexico on the Inter-American Convention for Trademark and Commercial Protection, signed in Washington DC on 20 February 1929. I started my legal career in trademark protection, so this is an interesting connection for me.

Francisco was a grandson of Bartolome Suastegui and Juana Moraga. This Bartolome was a son of my 6th-great-grandparents Jose Antonio Suastegui and Maria Ignacia Canete.

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  1. Fascinating connection! Looking forward to things settling down enough for you to tie those loose ends together.


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