Friday, July 29, 2016

Art in Montevideo, Part 1

Photo by Patrick Jones. Recreation of mural by Manuel Pailos.
While in Montevideo last Sunday I had an opportunity to walk around the area of Barrio Sur, Centro and Cuidad Vieja. On this walk I spotted quite a bit of street art, some of it low quality tags, but there were a few gems I managed to capture too. The photo above shows a recreation of a mural by Manuel Pailos (1914-2004), an artist who was part of the Joaquin Torres-Garcia art school in Montevideo. I did not have time to visit the Museo Torres-Garcia, that will have to go on the list for a future trip.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Mural by David De La Mano, Montevideo, UY.
I almost missed the small mural above, made by Spanish artist David De La Mano. He has several other larger pieces in Montevideo, which I missed due to lack of time and poor planning. I went out for a short walk from our hotel primarily to find the historic Mercado del Puerto, the old market in Cuidad Vieja which is home to some of the best grilled food in the city. Our group had a fantastic lunch of assorted meats at El Palenque.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Mural on La Rambla, Montevideo, UY.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Montevideo, 24 Jul 2016.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Painting by Carlos Seveso, Montevideo, UY.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Mural in Cuidad Vieja, Montevideo.


  1. Interesting Blog. I like the way you mix your research with your current travels.

  2. Thanks Grant, I try to mix the family history with the current places I go. And I'm very lucky to see some amazing places and art around the world.


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