Monday, May 11, 2015

State vs John Willson

Back in February 2012, I wrote about a 1797 court case involving my 5th great-grandfather Thomas Jones, where a jury found Thomas guilty of battery on John Willson. At the time I did not realize there was a companion case, where the same jury found John Willson guilty of committing battery on Thomas.

Source: NYPL Digital Collection. 1857.

Below is a transcription:

The State vs John Willson}

The grand jury for the State by Samuel Lyle foreman brought here into Court their bill in the following words to wit. The grand jurors for the State and County of their oaths present and say that John Willson, labourer late of said County to wit at Jefferson in the County of Jefferson on the Seventh day of November 1797 with force and arms an assault did make in and upon the body of said Thomas Jones did and there beat and wound and evilly treat and other wrongs then and there did to the great of the said Thomas Jones and against the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee.

D. W. Brazeale.

To which charge the said John Willson pleaded not guilty. Whereupon came a jury to wit, Arthur Williams, William Brittain, William Elliott, Jessee Riggs, John Hooser, John Morris, Moses Yell, George Brindle, John Corbit, Samuel Hunter, John Greene, and William Inman who being elected tried & sworn do say the Defendantis guilty in manner and form as charged in the Bill of Indictment. It was therefore considered by the Court that the Defendant pay a fine of Two Dollars and the costs.

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