Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recapping the Jones Line

One of the consequences of writing the family history out of order is occasionally overlooking individuals and their stories. It is helpful to see who has already been covered and which stories may be missing.

My Jones line was in the East Tennessee area before it became a state, possibly as early as the late 1780s and certainly by the early to middle 1790s. I previously covered Thomas Jones as a founding member of Dumplin Creek Baptist Church in Dandridge, Tennessee. Based on what I currently know, here is the direct male line on my Jones side:

- Thomas Jones (born approximately 1760, died about 1836), 6xgreat-grandfather
- Thomas Jones (born in 1778, died 1857), 5xgreat-grandfather
- Robert Thomas Jones Sr (born 1808, died 22 July 1848), 4xgreat-grandfather
- Joseph Thomas Jones (born April 1837, died 21 January 1910), 3xgreat-grandfather
- Thomas Robert Jones (born 23 March 1860, died 1 November 1937), 2xgreat-grandfather
- Edgar Lawrence Jones (born 15 March 1896, died 12 February 1965), great-grandfather
- Keith D. Jones, my Gumpy, still hanging tough at 92
- Keith D. Jones (Dad)
- Patrick L. Jones (me)
- Silas Patrick Jones (my little guy)

The Jones family was in the Jefferson County, Tennessee area from the late 1780s/early 1790s until migrating to Boone County, Indiana between 1872-1879. My 3xgreat-grandfather Joseph Jones returned to Jefferson County sometime before 1897. He married second wife Martha Cordelia Hart on 1 December 1897 in Jefferson County.

Once in Indiana, the family lived primarily in Boone County, but also in neighboring Montgomery County. It bugs me a bit that I spent four years of college in Montgomery County without knowing the history of my family in that part of the state.
Source: county & township map
Edgar Jones and family moved from Boone County to Indianapolis in the late 1930s, leaving behind the farm life of Thorntown.

In more recent decades, including moves made by my parents, our Jones family has lived in Morgan County and Johnson County, Indiana, El Paso and Houston, Texas, Northern and Southern California, Germany, and Northern Virginia. My family and I have lived in Alexandria twice, from 2001-2006, and currently since 2010.

Upcoming Stories
Now that I have recapped the Jones line, I can see I am missing stories on my 2nd-great-grandfather and great-grandfather, so this will be updated in July. I have some additional writings from my Gumpy's collection of short stories coming, along with photos of his artwork. I will continue to mix in photos from my travels.

Since these stories are not just for me, but a record for the kids and others in the family, I will soon begin to introduce some branches from my wife's side of the family.

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