Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vicente Jr in the 1st Arizona Infantry

As an update to Tuesday's post on the 158th Infantry, I received a reply from the Arizona Military Museum with a copy of Vicente Campuzano Jr's service cards. It appears he was less than a model soldier, and deserted the 158th on 13 October 1917, before the brigade was sent to France for World War I.

Vicente Jr joined the 1st Arizona Infantry on 10 May 1916 as a private. He served in Company E at Naco, Arizona.
Source: Arizona Military Museum files
It appears he did something in April 1917 to warrant two months hard labor and forfeiture of 2/3 pay.
Source: Arizona Military Museum

I want to thank Joe Abodeely and the Arizona Military Museum for replying so quickly to my inquiry.

It's important to put the time in 1916-1917 into context when looking at these documents. The border between Arizona and Mexico had a significant military and National Guard presence because of Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus, New Mexico in March 1916. Even before this time there were military actions because of fighting in Mexico. There were constant skirmishes and raids along the border (see

The fighting in northern Mexico between the years of 1910-1918 is probably one of the reasons that my Granny's Campuzano family left Sonora for Arizona. There's more writing I need to do on the Mexican Revolution and its impact on Sonora during this time. I am going to have to park that for a few months and come back to that topic later.

Post-Military Life for Vicente Campuzano Jr
Vicente Jr returned to Sonora but is seen frequently crossing the border to visit family in Tucson. He married Celia Pompa, and they had at least three children:
- Estela Campuzano, born in 1923
- Fernando Campuzano, born in 1924
- Cecila Emma Campuzano, born in 1926

Estela later married Gilberto Gortari. Both Estela and Cecila Emma appear in the border crossing records going to visit their Aunt Concepcion Campuzano in Tucson.

Celia Pompa was born in 1906, she was the daughter of Fernando Pompa and Antonia Valencia Araiza.

In the 1930 Mexican Census, Vicente and Celia were living in El Cobre, Altar, Sonora, with their children and Celia's brother Bernardo Pompa.

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