Sunday, April 5, 2015

View from Timothy Hill

This set of photos was taken on a morning run from our hotel to the Southern Peninsula of St. Kitts and back. The Timothy Hill scenic view is pretty popular, as one can capture a view of the Atlantic on the left and Caribbean on the right side of the island. On my morning run I shared the view with a green vervet monkey.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Timothy Hill, St Kitts, 31 Mar 2015
Photo by Patrick Jones. Vervet monkey & shadow.
After descending the hill, I ran to a spot on the map which I thought would show a shipwreck. It turned out to be the Shipwreck Bar. This sleepy spot on the Caribbean side of the island had a small strip of beach but calm waters. It looked like a nice place to relax with a cold Carib beer, listening to a selection of reggae music or other island hits.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Shipwreck Bar, St Kitts
Photo by Patrick Jones. St Kitts, 31 Mar 2015
Next door to the Shipwreck was another beach shack with a great view of the Caribbean side. I am not sure if the place had a name. Unfortunately I could not stay, as I had to make the climb up and over Timothy Hill to get back.

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