Friday, April 10, 2015

Gumpy with Fish

My grandfather (also called Gumpy), Keith D. Jones, loved to fish. These two pictures capture this well. The first photo is undated but likely in the 1940s showing Gumpy with a big catch of eight fish. The second photo is probably from the late 90s, showing my Gumpy gutting fish while my Dad's old Tom cat is trying to grab a bite.

Keith D. Jones with a big catch, 1940s
Gumpy closely watched by Tom
After Gumpy and Jeannie retired to Martinsville, Indiana, Gumpy would often come over to my parents' house and help Dad work on boats. Sometimes this led to fishing in one of the nearby lakes.

These photos come from a much larger set of family pictures that I was able to go through over Easter at my parents' place. I'll be posting photos from that set from time to time on the blog.

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