Saturday, March 14, 2015

Marguerite's Sister

Thursday's post covered the connection between my great-grandfather Harry O'Brien and Marguerite Barba at 708 Carondelet Street in New Orleans. Marguerite's older sister, Leonora, was living in the house in 1906 when Harry and Marguerite were married. I ran a search on Leonora, hoping to find further information on Marguerite by tracing her sister. The results were pretty amusing, as Leonora appeared in the New York tabloid Evening World in January 1903.

Leonora and Frank Fuller appear in the New York Marriage Index from 29 November 1902. She was 23, and had arrived in New York earlier in 1902 from New Orleans. She was working at the Rossmore Hotel, located on Broadway between 41st and 42nd Streets. Maybe she went to New York to make it as an actress. The husband, Frank Fuller, appears to be a playboy heir, frequently in trouble with the law.

Another article ran in the New York Evening World two days later.

Leonora returned to New Orleans sometime after this case. She was in the household in the 1910 US Census. It's not clear what happened afterward.

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