Friday, February 6, 2015

Hampton Family to Indiana

Back in mid January I wrote about the move by the Booher family from Sullivan County, Tennessee to Montgomery County, Indiana, along with the 1837 land purchase by Jacob Booher in Section 12, Township 19. The Boohers were accompanied by the related family of Michael Hampton (see A Web Between Families from 27 January 2014). Michael Hampton made his own 80 acre land purchase in neighboring Section 11, Township 19 in 1837.
Source: BLM General Land Office Records
In the 1840 US Census, Michael Hampton and family appear in Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana.

The 1850 US Census shows the family in Sugar Creek Township, Montgomery County.

In order to find out more information about the land holdings of the Hampton family in the county, I enlisted the help from a Wabash College student in Crawfordsville. I'll have more on this project in an upcoming post, as he is still in the process of doing the research at the Montgomery County Court.

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