Sunday, January 11, 2015

Section 12 Township 19

Last week before departing for meetings in LA I started a review of information on my 6th-great-grandfather, Jacob Booher (see Settling the estate of Jacob Booher). When the Booher family arrived in Montgomery County, Indiana, they settled on an 80 acre plot of land in Section 12, Township 19 acquired from the General Land Office in Crawfordsville. The original land patent is below.
Source: US Dept. of Interior BLM General Land Office Records

The land patent was recorded on 18 March 1837 in the name of "Jacob Booker". There is a stamp showing the patent record to be imperfect and a corrected patent was issued to Jacob Booher on 9 December 1965. I do not know what would have caused an updated patent to be issued 128 years later, unless as a result of the land being sold in 1965 and the title to the land had to be cleared.
Corrected land patent from 1965.

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