Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cedar Creek

In January 1820, my 6th-great-grandfather Samuel Hampton continued his land purchases in Sullivan County, Tennessee, acquiring 60 and 3/4 acres from James King Jr. on Cedar Creek. According to the EPA Water Mapping page, Cedar Creek was a tributary of Beaver Creek, in a valley running south from Bristol, the border town on the Tennessee-Virginia line. Cedar Creek was also close to the lands of the Booher family (following Cedar Valley Road on the map below).
Source: EPA Water map
Samuel bought 40 acres on Cedar Creek from John Goodson of Washington County, Virginia in May 1821. Nine years later, Samuel bought another 30 acres and 80 poles from James King Jr, adjoining lands in the valley he had previously acquired. On the same day, Samuel also bought two acres and 52 poles of neighboring land from Adam Akard. Hampton, King and Akard were neighbors. Adam later married Samuel's youngest daughter Charlotte Hampton on 8 November 1840.

Samuel and James King made a land swap in June 1833, where Samuel sold 24 and 1/2 acres to King for $100 and bought 5 1/4 acres from King for $250.

The 1837 Sullivan County Tax List shows Samuel had 170 acres, at a value of $1000.

Two more land transaction in the series from the Sullivan County Court provide some important details into Samuel's family. The 1840 US Census entry for Sullivan County provides a hint, showing Samuel Hampton between 60 and 70 years old, and a woman living in the household between 30 and 40 years old.
Source: Ancestry, 1840 US Census, Image 37 of 106

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