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Jesus Maria Ballesteros

Arizona Daily Star, 6 Jan 1963.
You never know where you might stumble on family history information. Thanks to, I found a reference to Jesus Maria Ballesteros in an advertisement for Tucson Warehouse and Transfer Company published in 1963. The ad connects the moving company to the first Customs House in Arizona and mentions "Inspector J. M. Ballesteros." Based on other articles and documents, I've confirmed this to be the son of Merced Ballesteros and Maria Jesus Suastegui.

Jesus Maria Ancelmo Ballesteros was born on 17 December 1857 in Altar, Sonora, and baptized on 4 February 1858.
Baptism record for Jesus Maria Ballesteros, via Ancestry.

He moved with his mother and sisters to California when he was six years old. In the early 1870s he worked as a type setter for the Arizona Sentinel newspaper in Yuma, and later worked at the Arizona Daily Citizen in Tucson. Perhaps he worked at the Citizen first in Tucson and then went to Yuma to work at the Sentinel. The clipping below is from 1878.
Arizona Weekly Citizen, 19 Apr 1878.
By July 1878, Jesus had resigned his position at the Sentinel, and gone on vacation to California for health reasons.
Arizona Sentinel, 20 Jul 1878.
In June 1879, Jesus returned to Tucson and was hired as the Customs Inspector with the US Customs Service.
Arizona Weekly Citizen, 6 Jun 1879.
He got sick again in 1881, and died of consumption on 11 August 1882 in Tucson.
Arizona Sentinel, 19 Aug 1882.

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