Saturday, August 26, 2017

From the UA Archives

Anita Calneh Post. U. of Arizona Special Collections.

As a follow-up to my posts earlier in the month on Anita Calneh Post, daughter of Maria Esther Suastegui, yesterday the University of Arizona sent me a file of articles and correspondence on Anita. The file includes the dedication in the 1917 Desert yearbook, an obituary in the 23 September 1938 Wildcat newspaper (above), the resolutions adopted by the faculty in honor of Anita, a set of letters with the Dean, the cover page of her publications, among several other items.

Anita completed a form in 1929 listing her education, confirming she studied in Paris in August 1914 learning French.

The file also confirms Esther died in Ocean Beach, San Diego County, California on 6 September 1929. A Western Union message from Anita to the University is below.
Source: U. of Arizona Special Collections.
In November 1929, the Dean at Arizona provided a letter of recommendation to Stanford University for Anita to get her doctorate.
Source: U. of Arizona Special Collections.
There is more in the file on her time at Stanford, and I will save that for the next post.

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