Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dr. Post

After the death of her mother, Anita Calneh Post applied to the doctorate program at Stanford University. She completed her oral requirements in June 1931.
Arizona Daily Star, 25 Sep 1931.

Anita's doctorate built from her Masters thesis on "The Spanish dialect in Southern Arizona" (see University of Arizona, 1917).
Arizona Daily Star, 25 Sep 1932.
Arizona Daily Star, 22 Oct 1932.
According to another article, she used only two chapters from her book on Southern Arizona Spanish as her doctorate thesis.
Arizona Daily Star, 24 Jun 1932
Anita's work was praised in Spain by the Academia EspaƱola, official royal institution overseeing the Spanish language.
Arizona Daily Star, 28 Oct 1934.
She continued her research at Stanford in the summer of 1935, and traveled with her brother and niece Marie Post.
Arizona Daily Star, 18 Aug 1935.
Arizona Daily Star, 20 Sep 1936.

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