Saturday, August 5, 2017

Arizona's First Organ

Arizona Daily Star, 26 Jun 1960

Above is an organ brought to Yuma, Arizona by Albert. G. Post in 1875. The organ was donated by Anita Calneh Post to the University of Arizona museum. She spoke about the organ in a talk to the Archaeological Society of Arizona in November 1916.
Arizona Daily Star, 21 November 1916
By 1960 the organ was on display with the Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society, which is now the Arizona History Museum at 949 E. 2nd Street in Tucson.

A bit more on Anita's Archaeology Work

Anita became a leader in the Archaeology Society of Arizona. She used her singing skills to learn traditional Navaho songs and perform traditional Spanish songs at events in Arizona. An example of her work can be seen in this clipping from 1927, along with a performance in traditional dress from 1936:
Arizona Daily Star, 1936.

Arizona Daily Star, 20 Mar 1927.

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