Friday, July 24, 2015

Maria Jesus

After finding the death record for my 3rd-great-grandfather Gabriel Vasquez in the Civil Registration files for Pitiquito on FamilySearch, I found the entry for my 3rd-great-grandmother Maria Jesus Suastegui. She passed away on 3 April 1890, in the home of her mother Ana Maria Orosco.
Source: Getty Digital Collection

Source: FamilySearch, Image 166 of 368.
The document lists her parents Pedro Suastegui and mother Ana Maria Orosco, noting her father was dead by 1890 but her mother was still alive. Her son Pedro Vasquez is listed at the beginning. The entry states that she was 42 years old, but she may have actually been 44. Either way, Maria Jesus died young, like her husband Gabriel. They were survived by my 2nd-great-grandmother Maria Jesus Vasquez, son Jose Pedro Vasquez, daughter Maria Carmen Vasquez and son Jose Francisco Vasquez.

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