Sunday, February 22, 2015

1832 Arrival

According to the US Naturalization Indexes, Francois Halter arrived in New Orleans in 1832. He was naturalized on 2 November 1844. I am hoping the actual record from the court is available.

Francois' wife Marie must have died prior to 1860, she does not appear in the US Census. As noted earlier, he is listed in the 1861 City Directory living at 77 Bartholomew Street. It's not clear who the 45-year old listed as "W.A. Coria" is living in the household.

In 1866, Francois appears in the US Tax Lists (spelled "Franz"), as a furniture maker at 118 Rampart Street. He's still listed on Rampart Street in the 1867 City Directory, as a cabinet maker.

In 1868, he's listed as "Frank Haltur, laborer" at 73 Bartholomew Street. Francois does not appear in the City Directory from 1869-1872, but he's back in 1873 living at 75 Bartholomew Street.

Francois does not appear in the 1874 or 1875 City Directories, but in 1876 he's listed again as Frank Halter, residing on Bartholomew Street, between Burgundy and N. Rampart. Same entries appear in 1877 and 1878. By 1879, he's back as a gardener at 73 Bartholomew. Francois does not appear in the City Directories between 1880-1885, which makes me think he may have died after 1879. For now, this looks like the end of the record trail for Francois Halter.

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