Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Path to Membership

As I continue to look through early East Tennessee records to clear up the puzzle of the arrival date for my Jones ancestors, one path to membership in the First Families of Tennessee heritage program is clear through the line of my 5th-great-grandmother, Nancy Tucker Jones. She married Thomas Jones on 30 June 1798 in Jefferson County, Tennessee, and it is through her father, my 6th-great-grandfather, James Tucker, that the early arrival requirement is satisfied. I am still working on the Jones side, but it is nice to know the second option is there for me and my fellow Jones researchers and distant cousins.

In Land Deeds of Jefferson County, Tennessee 1792-1814, there is an entry made 12 March 1796 (filed 13 July 1796) from Zachary Isbel of Sevier County to James Tucker of Jefferson County for 190 acres.

James Tucker founded Tuckertown in Jefferson County, and it eventually became the town of New Market.
Map Source: Jefferson County, Tennessee Families and History 1792-1996
According to his 1833 request for a Revolutionary War Pension, James Tucker was born on 18 May 1759 in Halifax County, North Carolina. In 1779, James became a substitute soldier for his father, Robert Tucker, in Randolph County, North Carolina. He said that he removed from Randolph County to Jefferson County, Tennessee, lived there one year, returned to Randolph County, lived there seven years, then returned again to Jefferson County and remained there about 29 years. He later moved from Jefferson County to Monroe County, Tennessee, where James lived his final years. I will post extracts from his pension request later in the month.

James Tucker died in November 1850 in Monroe County, Tennessee.


  1. Ah, the ubiquitous Thomas Jones! I have one married into my Broyles family in east Tennessee, too, though not quite as early as yours. Congrats on finding a way to qualify your ancestor as part of First Families of Tennessee!

  2. Hi Patrick, I am researching this same James Tucker. Have you been able to find anymore information about him? I am a Tucker and in our yDNA group I have someone who matches me whose ancestor, William tucker, born in NC and also stopped at Jefferson County, TN. I am wondering if they are related and possible went West around the same time. My last known Tucker ancestor was born in NC in 1777 and also migrated through TN, KY, MO and finally into ARK. I've long wondered if this James Tucker could be the father of my ancestor, Robert Tucker since I know he probably traveled the same path as the before mentioned William, whom through yDNA testing he is related to and William and this James were both in Jefferson County at about the same time. William was born in 1765 so I know he is not a son of James but perhaps a brother or another cousin like Lewis? Anyway, if you have any more knowledge I would appreciate it.


  3. Hey, thanks for your message. The best information on this James Tucker comes from his Revolutionary War pension application. It has been a while since I looked into him so perhaps there's some new information available. I am currently out of the country for meetings, but feel free to direct email me at pljones96 at



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