Monday, March 6, 2017

Correcting errors

Painting by Frederick Whitaker. Saguaro Country, 1966.

A helpful researcher contacted me through Ancestry about a branch on my Campuzano side of the tree. This led to some back and forth email, and a realization that I had made an error in my documentation of the family of Juan Bautista Calles and Maria Antonia Campuzano. I have fixed this in my tree and on my blog entry from February 2016. I will take a moment to write about Ramon Calles, a son of Juan Bautista Calles and Maria Antonia Campuzano.

Ramon Calles was born 16 December 1870 in Hermosillo, Sonora. He was baptized on 24 January 1871. Ramon had at least two children with Maria Metzler.
- Abelardo Calles, born about 1896 in Hermosillo
- Maria Enriqueta Calles, born 10 January 1897 in Hermosillo

Ramon worked as a customs agent on the Mexican border in Naco and Agua Prieta, Sonora. His son Abelardo later took over this role.

At some point Ramon separated from Maria Metzler, and moved to Cananea. He started a family with Rafaela Corral, and they were later married on 1 March 1935. Ramon and Rafaela had at least the following children:
- Artemisa Calles, born about 1906
- Ernestina Calles, born 21 April 1909 in Cananea, Sonora
- Jesus Antonio Calles, born 25 October 1911 in Cananea, Sonora

They appear in the 1930 Mexico National Census in Nogales, Sonora.

In February 1923, Ramon crossed the border at Naco, Arizona, going to visit the family of his sister-in-law Domitila Corral de Moreno in Cochise County, Arizona.
Source: Ancestry.

The marriage record for Ramon and Rafaela lists Ramon's parents as Juan Bautista Calles and Maria Antonia Campuzano, and also includes Ramon and Rafaela's signatures.
Source: Ancestry. Image 684 of 995.

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