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Roots of the Family

The Dam and the Damrak, Jan van der Heyden. 1663.
I am only scratching the surface on volumes of research material on the Du Trieux (later Truax) family, from their time in Amsterdam in the early 1600s to their settlement in New Amsterdam and later years as this settlement became New York.

Philippe Du Trieux was born in 1585 in Roubaix, in present-day France, then part of Belgium. Philippe was a worsted dyer and he worked with velvet and other fabrics. Perhaps his father was also a dyer and he learned the trade from him. Philippe later moved to Amsterdam, plying his trade in the Walloon community.

In Amsterdam he married Jacquemyne Noirett in May 1615. Their engagement record from April 1615 is found in the Amsterdam Archives. He was 27 at the time, and had lived on the "Wale pad" or Walloon Avenue for three-quarters of a year. His bride Jacquemyne was 22, born in Lille, and had lived on the Wale pad for 12 years. Her parents were listed as Arnauld Noirett and Barbe Du Chesne.
Amsterdam Archives, April 1615.
Philippe and Jacquemyne had four children:
- Philippe Du Trieux, January 1616-1619 in Amsterdam
- Maria Du Trieux, April 1617-sometime before 1684 in Schenectady, New York
- Philippe Du Trieux, February 1619-about September 1653 in New Amsterdam
- Madeline Du Trieux, February 1620-sometime before 1624 in Netherlands

The family was received into the Walloon Church in Leiden, Netherlands in August 1617, but moved back to Amsterdam in December 1617.
Source: Google Maps.

Jacquemyne Noirett died about 1620, leaving Philippe with three young children to raise. Some researchers have noted Philippe's second wife, Susanna Duchesne, may have been a cousin or related to his first wife's mother. Susanna was 20 when she became engaged to Philippe in 1621. She was born in Sedan, France. At the time of her engagement she was an orphan. According to the document below, Philippe was living on the "Runstreat" in 1621. This appears to be Runstraat on the present day Amsterdam map, and not too far from the Walloon Church.
Amsterdam Archives, Jul 1621.
Google Maps view of Amsterdam.
Philippe and Susanna received an attestation from the Church in Leiden in March 1624 signaling their intent to transfer to a new church after their arrival in the West Indies.

I am descended from Philippe and Susanna through their last son Jacob. They had at least the following children:
- Jerome Du Trieux, October 1623-before March 1624.
- Sarah Du Trieux, born 1625 in New Amsterdam, died 9 November 1692
- Susanna Du Trieux, born 1626, died 1660
- Abraham Du Trieux, born 1632
- Rachel Du Trieux, born 1635
- Isaac Du Trieux, born 1642
- Rebecca Du Trieux, born 1643
- Jacob Du Trieux, born 1645, died 1709 in Delaware

In 1638, Philippe became the Court Messenger of the Governor of New Amsterdam. He died sometime between July 1649 and September 1653 (possibly as early as March 1651). His exploits as the Court Messenger will be covered in another post.

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