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Administrators of the estate

Source: Google Books, page 205.
Tuesday's post referenced the Enoch Holsclaw House in the National Register of Historic Places. Another search uncovered an act passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in February 1839 allowing Enoch Holsclaw and Charles Holsclaw to bring a sale of real estate and personal property to cover the debts of Harmon A. Stidger, who had died intestate in 1838. A bit more digging revealed that Harmon Stidger had married Narcissa Holsclaw, a sister of Enoch and Charles Holsclaw, on 15 May 1834 in Spencer County.

Stidger died on 1 November 1838, leaving his wife Narcissa to care for their two young children, Felix Grundy Stidger and John Harmon Stidger. Brothers Enoch and Charles stepped in to help the family. Enoch bought the home in a commissioner's sale, and it stayed in his possession until 1882. I will have a separate post on the home, as it exists today on the National Register of Historic Places. Felix Grundy Stidger's story also involves a separate, lengthy post. We are lucky to have his autobiography, recounting his story as a spy during the Civil War.

Back to the estate of Harmon Stidger, an inventory and appraisement of his estate appears in the Spencer County probate records from December 1838. It looks like he may have been a tailor, as his estate included various types of fabric (cotton, silk, flannel, jaconet, cambrick, among others). He also had 30 bottles of wine and brandy, along with kegs and corks, so perhaps he made his own wine.
FamilySearch, Image 409 of 652.
The sale of the estate contains some interesting names, including Benjamin Holsclaw Sr, father of Enoch, Charles and Narcissa. A representative section of entries from the estate sale is below.

Source: FamilySearch. Image 476 of 652.
Enoch and Charles completed administration of the estate in May 1840. My next post will cover the house acquired by Enoch for his sister Narcissa and family.

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