Monday, January 16, 2017


Source: Amsterdam Archives. 2 Apr 1616.
While looking through the indexes of the Amsterdam Archives, I located another link between the Du Trieux and Noiret families. Yesterday's post included screen shots for the marriage of Philippe Du Trieux and Jacquemyne Noirett in April 1615. A year later, Philippe's younger brother Jasper Du Trieux married Jacquemyne's sister Jeanne Noirett. The record shows Jasper was 26 at the time, putting his date of birth about 1590. Like Philippe, he was born in Roubaix. Jeanne Noirett was born in Lille, France and her father Arnoult Noirett appears on the record.

Jasper appears on another record, as a witness on the birth of Philippe Du Trieux (spelled Filip on the record), first son of Philippe and Jacquemyne. Arnoult Noirett was also listed, along with Jacquilaine Hiole. I do not know her connection with the Du Trieux and Noirett families, or if she was just a friend of the family.  Jacquilaine had married Jeromse Vittori in 1612, and she had a child one month after Philippe and Jacquemyne in February 1616.
Source: Amsterdam Archives. 3 Jan 1616.
The Windmill on the Onbekende Gracht, Amsterdam, Claude Monet. 1874.

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