Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Longest Night

Tropical Storm Hermine is giving us a lashing here in the Outer Banks. This is one of the worst storms I can remember being in. I have been unable to sleep since about 1am. We decided to stay and ride this out rather than drive back yesterday. Allison's Mom, Memaw and Uncle are here too, so we did not want to leave them to close up the house on their own. Hopefully Hermine will push out quickly during the day, but she's made this a pretty awful night.

As the house shakes and the unrelenting wind continues to apply pressure to the walls and windows, the other reason why I cannot sleep is the sad news of the passing of my Dad yesterday evening. He had been battling cancer since the diagnosis in April. It feels too soon, he just turned 70 a few weeks ago. But cancer is a terrible disease, and he had been in debilitating pain for a long time. I know he is no longer in pain. It is tough to be here now, stuck in the middle of this storm and unable to be with my Mom, sister and Aunt Patty back in Virginia.

I will write a longer tribute to my Dad a little later.
Painting by Jules Dupre. At Sea. 1870.


  1. Oh, Patrick, I just logged on today (Monday) and saw your tribute to your dad, went back and read the memorial on Sunday, and now, backwards in time to today.

    I am so sorry to hear this, for your sake and that of your whole family--although I know, as you mentioned, your dad is no longer in pain.

    Just recently, our family lost a dear friend--and what I mean by that is the kind of friend you spend the night sitting in a hospital room with, trying to help bear the burden--to pancreatic cancer, ironically being diagnosed at almost the same age as your dad. It is indeed a difficult journey.

    Thank you for sharing even just this small sense of the man your dad was. It is quite clear he meant so much to you. That, in itself, is a tribute that speaks volumes.


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