Monday, September 5, 2016

More thoughts on Dad

Photo by B. Jones. Dad writing, early 1970s.
I will probably have quite a few posts like these in the near future. With Dad's passing on Friday, it is helping to capture recollections and thoughts here on the blog. I have been looking back over Dad's book, How to Build a FlatIron Skiff (Schiffer Publishing, 2015). At the end of the book he has a few tips for those going into traditional boat building. I really think these tips apply across the board to most activities one may be trying to learn. I hope my kids take these to heart, especially as they begin the new school year tomorrow.

- "Mastering any trade takes study and practice."
- Have a "can-do attitude" and a "streak of independence."
- "Understand your limitations" and "your limitations are exceeded each time you learn something new."
- Have a "basic knowledge of tools and how to use them."
- Make time.
- Enjoy the process and don't be afraid to make mistakes.
- Have fun along the way.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Dad & Silas, 7 Apr 2012.

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