Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More patterns

Yesterday's post (Patterns of Relationships) noted that Laura E. Weaver did not remarry after the death of her second husband Alfred Ray. After looking through newspaper entries and checking the Indiana marriage records again, this statement was incorrect. Laura married John D. Smith in Indianapolis on 28 December 1929. I only caught this after finding a news clipping from the Indianapolis Star describing a "Mr. and Mrs. John D. Smith" who had returned from spending their summer in Hollywood, California with daughter and granddaughter Mrs. Marie Reynolds and Jean Reynolds.
Indianapolis Star, 26 Aug 1934.
It is likely when Marie and Jeanne moved to California, Marie had separated from husband John X. Reynolds. By 1938 John Reynolds had moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana and remarried. It also looks like Marie's mother Laura had divorced John D. Smith (or he had died) sometime before the 1940 US Census, as she is listed as head of household by then and had reverted to going by her previous married name, Laura Ray. Marie and Jeanne had also moved back to Indianapolis from Hollywood.
1940 US Census, Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Star, 28 Apr 1935
An original copy of the four generation photo above is in the set of pictures inherited by my Dad. In this photo, it was hand dated as from 1932. I wonder if whoever labeled the photos meant to put 1935 instead of 1932.
Original photo, which appeared in the Indianapolis Star in 1935.

I vaguely remember my Nana telling stories about living in Hollywood and doing something with the movie industry or knowing actors who were in the movies. We are heading to LA soon for a visit, so perhaps this is a bit of history I will follow-up on to learn more. I have an inquiry with the Screen Actors Guild to see if Jeanne or Marie show up in their early records.

Marie Frances married Bert J. Sexson in Indianapolis in 1947. She passed away on 1 January 1961. Her obituary provides another hint on where to look for information about Marie or Jeanne's involvement with the movie industry.
Indianapolis Star

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