Thursday, July 24, 2014

Portrait of Harley Cain

In continuing to search for the identity of parents for my second-great-grandmother Mary Alice Cain and her brother, Harl P. Cain, I have found some new information that may help clear up this brick wall. It appears that Harl (also known as Harley Cain), married Leeta V. Gordon (maiden name Cralley) in Washoe County, Nevada, about 1950. I ran a search for Harley Cain, and found a reference to him in the Oregon Marriage index for 14 September 1912 in Lane County, Oregon. This led me to check the Lane County Historical Society website, and a photo of Harley Cain dated either May 1934 or 1944 (I am guessing 1934).
Source: Lane County Historical Society
There's more to this lead, so hopefully this will shed some light on the Cain family origins.

Update - As I look into this Harley Cain further, it looks like unfortunately it isn't the same person I am tracking. The photo above is Harley Orville Cain, a logger from Lane County, Oregon, not Harl P. Cain from Barren County, Kentucky. So I'm not connected to Mr. Cain above, but there may be others who are. There are more photos related to his Cain family with the Lane County Historical Society museum website.

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  1. Hi, Patrick,
    Is it possible you are related to him somehow? The repetition of first names within a family can be an important clue to relationship, especially an unusual combination like this. Hope all is well. Luan


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