Saturday, July 5, 2014

Distributing the Estate of Samuel Read

In a post from February 2012, I wrote about my 5th-great-grandfather Samuel Read of Culpeper, Virginia. His wife, my 5th-great-grandmother, Juliann (also spelled Julanor or Julaner) Freeman Read, died around 1815. When she passed, the estate of Samuel Read was distributed among their five children: John Read, Elizabeth Read Ball, Samuel Read Jr, William Freeman Read, and Harris Read. Juliann's brother Harris Freeman served as the guardian for William and Harris Read, as they were minors when their mother died. William Freeman Read was my 4th-great-grandfather.

The Library of Virginia has a copy of a petition to the General Assembly authorizing the sale of the dower for Juliann Freeman Read, containing the mansion house of Samuel Read, 41 acres, and other property. This document is dated 12 January 1816.
Source: Library of Virginia
Source: Library of Virginia, Legislative Petitions, Culpeper County, Accession Number 36121, Box 59, Folder 23.

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