Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Probate File of Henry Lambert, Part 1

Back in October 2012, I posted photos of the tombstones for my third-great-grandfather Henry Donham Lee Lambert and his second wife, Cordelia Lambert. Henry had settled in Luther, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, before passing in March 1909. After poking around in the FamilySearch Oklahoma Probate Files, I found Henry's probate record. It is a big file and will take a few days to sort through. The file begins on Image 608 of 949 in the Probate Case Files for 1918, packet number 3629, filed 13 December 1918 in Oklahoma County Court.

I had wondered if my 2nd-great-grandmother Matilda Jane Lambert ever saw her father again after he moved west to Oklahoma before 1880. She must have stayed in contact with him. Matilda is listed as an heir, living in Shelbyville, Illinois, on the second page of the probate file.
Henry's will was written on 9 November 1899. I'll have a separate post on the will to follow. Matilda was provided notice of the hearing to probate the will in Oklahoma.
Further review of the file shows that notice did reach Matilda, and she moved to object to the sale of Henry's property by private sale in August 1919.

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