Monday, March 18, 2013

Case of the San Pedro Mine

From the University of Arizona Special Collections, is a copy of an article appearing in La Constitucion from Hermosillo, Sonora on 8 September 1899. My 2nd-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano appeared as a witness in a case involving the sale of the San Pedro Mine. The news article appears at

A rough translation of the case via Google Translate is as follows:

Judicial NoticesThe corresponding stamps duly canceled - 1st Instance Court of the District of Altar.
Number fifty-nine
In the town of Altar, the two days of the month of September 1899. Before me, Ignacio Bustillo, 1st Deputy Judge receivership Instance acting as notary public and to the instrumental that finally expressed, appeared Licenciado Antonio Richards, in its capacity as guardian of Julio Foucault, I credit according to the instrument public that attest to have seen, and said he has come to his knowledge that the Representative of the Mining Company of San Pedro de Altar, is selling or looking to sell all or part of the mineral properties and other work tools such Negotiation, by order and instructions, it is assumed, the Board of Directors of Paris, France, and as the said company owes his principal a large sum of money due and payable, the sum, the aforementioned company, through its representative in this District, has repeatedly offered to settle, without verifying it so far, protest again and as often as necessary against all and any mortgage enagenaciones retroventas CAS or to be made, or charges related impognan the property, either by the company representative on the Board of Directors of Paris or any other person, and made known to the public, that on behalf of his principal Julio Foucault, judicially pursue any real estate, furniture, chattel rights and actions that recognize or have been recognized by the Company and held repitida and possession of who they are.
And in order that this protest takes legal effect, is the issue asks her testimony. So said firm, being instrumental Messrs. Juan Reina S. and Vincent Campuzano, present, old and neighbors, before the undersigned Judge and witnesses assistance.

It integrates copy of his original work in the public instruments Protocol of my office, which authorize and sign in Altar to September 3 of 1899, by the witnesses to my regular attendance. I attest.

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