Monday, April 30, 2012

Mappy Monday - Indiana & Ohio County Map from 1860

The image below shows counties in part of southern Indiana and the southwestern corner of Ohio in 1860, from the David Rumsey Map Collection. This is from the County Map of Ohio and Indiana by Samuel Augustus Mitchell, Jr.
From the County Map of Ohio & Indiana, 1860
I am tracking down my elusive 3rd-great-grandfather Samuel Oyler (1822-1863), and I thought it would be useful to see the map from his time. The Oyler family immigrated from England to the United States in 1828. They settled in Butler and Hamilton County, Ohio. Samuel Oyler married Mary Ann Hise (also Haise) in neighboring Dearborn County, Indiana, across the border from Ohio, on 25 December 1850.

It appears that Samuel Oyler died in Daviess County, Indiana in 1863, but there is little information on what he was doing there. Given the year, my assumption is that he may have entered service in the Civil War, but I cannot prove this yet.

Samuel's widow Mary Ann returned to Hamilton County, Ohio by 1870 and was living in the household of Samuel's father George Oyler in the 1870 Census.

From the map it looks like there was a road linking Lawrenceburg, Indiana and Washington, Indiana in Daviess County. I have sent a query to the Daviess County Historical Society Museum in the hopes that they may have some suggestions. Samuel Oyler's headstone is located at the Veale Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Daviess County, Indiana, and was erected by his son, Benjamin Franklin Oyler.


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