Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Amsterdam

Source: NYPL Digital Collection. New Amsterdam.
In following the line of my 6th-great-grandfather John Truax backward, I run into research on the Truax (and earlier Du Trieux) family and their arrival in America. The progenitor of the Truax family, Philippe Du Trieux, was one of the earliest settlers in New Amsterdam. This settlement would later become New York on 8 September 1664. I will have much more on Philippe and how he connects to John Truax in New Jersey. In the meantime, I have started to reach out to the Association of Philippe Du Trieux Descendants and their extensive research on the family.

The research into my Dutch roots aligns with a brief visit to Amsterdam I am planning later in the year. I hope to see some of the locations related to the Du Trieux family and others on my Dutch side of the tree.

Much more can be found on New Amsterdam and New Netherland at the websites of the New Netherland Institute, and New Amsterdam History Center.
Source: NYPL Digital Collection. Early depiction of New Amsterdam.

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