Friday, December 9, 2016

The Old Desk

Photo by K.D. Jones. 1930s, Indiana.
In 1935, my Gumpy built a desk. It has an angled slant-lid, which folds open and two arms that pull out to support the desk top. The desk has two main drawers and several compartments inside the lid. The old photo above and below were part of my Gumpy's photo collection. I am guessing these are from the late 1930s.
Photo by K.D. Jones. Showing the desk open.
For a desk built by a 15 year old, it is a really impressive piece.

The desk now belongs to me. We had it when we lived in California. In 2008, Fed Ex damaged the desk in the delivery to Santa Monica, but my Dad put it back together. The top drawer has a hand-written note from my Gumpy, passing the desk down to me.

It is a beautiful desk and I have taken good care of it as we've moved to Virginia. I am glad to have found the old photos to go with the desk.

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