Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month 2016

Each September, from 15 September to 15 October, marks Hispanic Heritage Month. As with previous posts (see last year's here), I take this opportunity to remember my own Hispanic heritage on my Granny's side of the family. For this year's post I am sharing this wonderful photo from Irene Campuzano Wagers, showing her mother Dolores Olivas driving with her sister Rosaura Olivas Camacho and son Gilbert in the back with Rosaura's daughter Sally Camacho in the front. Dolores and Rosaura were first generation Americans, born in Pinal County, Arizona, after their father Jose de Jesus Olivas became a US citizen in 1874.
Photo from I. Wagers.
Hispanic Heritage Month takes on added importance in this election year. Latin Americans are the second-largest, fastest growing and youngest group of Americans. Hispanic Heritage Month of Action is encouraging Latin Americans to register to vote, and once registered to vote this November.

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