Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Riparian 1932

After finding my Gumpy in the Arsenal Tech High School yearbooks from 1936-1938, I ran a search for my grandmother Blanche O'Brien to see if she was in the Broad Ripple High School Riparian in the 1930s. It looks like she was in the class of 1932, but this issue of the Broad Ripple Riparian is not available online. I did find her in the 1930 and 1931 issues though.

In 1930, Blanche appears in the Art Club photo, second in the second row.
Source: IMCPL Digital Collection. Broad Ripple Riparian 1930.
Blanche O'Brien
In 1931, Blanche appears in the photo for English VI and Special English (page 30), at the end of the fourth row, and also in the Art Club (third row, second from end).
Source: IMCPL Digital Library. Broad Ripple Riparian June 1931.
If there is a researcher out there who finds the 1932 Broad Ripple Riparian yearbook, I would be interested in receiving scans.

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