Monday, December 31, 2012

Mappy Monday - Wabash County, Illinois

The map below is of Wabash County, Illinois and its surrounding counties Edwards and Lawrence. This is taken from the Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash Counties (1883).
Source: OpenLibrary
Wabash County features prominently in the family of Permelia Smith Lamon, my 3rd-great-grandmother. Her husband was David Detrick Lamon, who I wrote about in September. Permelia's parents were Asa Putnam Smith and Lucinda McIntosh. Both have fascinating backgrounds.

Lucinda's father, my 5th-great-grandfather, was John Og McIntosh (1753-1829). He was a Scottish soldier in Cornwallis' army during the Revolutionary War, who decided to stay in America and moved from Virginia to Kentucky before settling in Wabash County, Illinois. I'll have more on him in future posts, but this is my first confirmation of a Scottish connection on my side of the family.

Lucinda McIntosh Smith submitted a widow's pension for Asa's service in the War of 1812. I'll have more on that in a separate post, but if her information is accurate, Asa Putnam Smith was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1783. Lucinda McIntosh and Asa Putnam Smith were married in Mount Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois.

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  1. Interesting map. I found a map which helped place where my ancestor was when the 1790 census was taken His neighbor was listed on the map and he was listed next to him on the census so both sources helped put him in a place.


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