Friday, November 23, 2012

Death Record for Vicente Campuzano

I've written previously about the life of my 2nd-great-grandfather, Vicente Campuzano, who appeared in various records as a carriage maker, a butcher, a merchant, and a carpenter and traveled often between Sonora and Arizona. Vicente served as a sergeant at arms in Liga Protectora Latina during a brief residency between 1913-1917 in Arizona. Based on the Sonora Civil Registration files digitized at FamilySearch, I now know that Vicente returned to Altar, Sonora, was a town elder and frequent witness on civil records. Vicente passed away on 31 October 1940 in Altar.

The image below is from the Sonora, Civil Registration, 1861-1995 files (Image 745).
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora Civil Registration files
This document shows that he was found by his son, Manuel Campuzano. Vicente was 78 years old, and was living at Calle Zaragoza No. 84 in Altar.

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