Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boat Building at the State Museum

This weekend my daughter and I made a quick trip to Indianapolis to see my Dad's last boat building class at the Indiana State Museum.  Since February, the class has been building a flatiron skiff, an example of the type of boat frequently built in the 19th Century in Indiana. Dad's class uses no power tools and traditional woodworking methods.
Doug Jones & the Meteor

The weather yesterday was a bit raw for a boat launch, but they put it in the Canal anyway.

If you're in the area or considering a trip to Indianapolis, I recommend a visit to the Indiana State Museum.

Dad's website can be found at, and he will next be building a boat with interested students at the Johnson County Museum in Franklin, Indiana on Saturday mornings, mid June through July. His classes can also be found at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.

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