Thursday, August 11, 2016

Class of 1916

Source: Ancestry. 1913 Thorntown High School yearbook, Class of 1916.
1913 was the first year Thorntown High School produced a yearbook. I've already covered the finds for Edna and Edgar Lawrence Jones, but the Thorntown yearbooks also included my great-grandmother Alma Oyler. Alma was a year younger than Edgar and part of the Class of 1916, but she and Edgar sang together in the 1915 Glee Club. It also looks like Alma and Edna were friends. In the picture above, Alma is 2nd in the 2nd row. I've made a larger photo below:
Alma Oyler, 1913.
In the 1914 yearbook, Alma was included with the Class of 1917. I am not sure why. She was treasurer of the class that year. By the 1915 yearbook, Alma was back with the Class of 1916.
Source: Ancestry. 1915 Thorntown High School yearbook.
Alma's senior picture from 1916 is below:
Source: Ancestry. 1916 Thorntown High School yearbook.
Edgar and Alma were married on 3 September 1916 in Boone County, Indiana, a few months after Alma graduated from Thorntown High School.

Alma's older sister Emily Oyler also appears in the Thorntown yearbooks, and I'll have some information on her in the next post.

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