Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Seeing new places

I am preparing for another trip, this time to Southeast Asia. This trip will mark my first visit to Thailand, including a first visit to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. I am speaking at the 29th Sessions for the UN Group of Experts on Geographic Names. I previously attended the UNGEGN sessions in 2011 (Vienna), 2012 (NYC) and 2014 (NYC again), so it will be good to be at this event again. Blogging will be slow for the remainder of the month.

In May, I have a trip to Moscow, Amsterdam and Minsk, Belarus. I have been through Moscow a few times (see my Red Square photos from 2014) and Amsterdam many times. Some photos from a 2013 layover in Amsterdam are available here. Minsk will be a new place for me, and I am looking also forward to seeing the city and speaking at the first Belarus Internet Governance Forum.

There may not be many updates on the blog for a little while, but when I get back, I should quite a few photos and stories to share.

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