Saturday, January 16, 2016

More on Grandpa Koehler

Continuing the passages from the book "Genealogy of the John William and Maria Elizabeth Schwarzlose Family, 1853-1989" on Wilhelm "William" Henry Koehler: "Grandpa Koehler was our family doctor. He had a large medical book he used, and kept a supply of medicines that he purchased at the apothecary in downtown Evansville, walking over three miles each way. When anyone in the family felt ill, Grandpa was called. After checking and asking questions, he left some medicine with directions for use. Or, if he thought something was serious, he told us to call the doctor."
1930 US Census, via Ancestry

"Grandpa had a large arbor where he grew purple, white and red grapes, that he was very proud of. He always made wine at the end of summer. When company came on Sunday afternoon he always treated them to a small glass of wine."

"Grandpa had a sale in March, 1924 and quit farming. After Grandpa died in 1937 the old home place was sold, and Grandma lived in her smaller house with relatives."

William and Mary Elizabeth Schwarzlose Koehler had at least the following children:
- Elnora Minnie Koehler (1883-1973)
- Henry Koehler (1885-1887)
- Lydia Koehler (1887-1971)
- Emma Ella Koehler (1888-1980)
- Clara Ann Koehler (1890-1918)
- Elizabeth Koehler (1891-1911)
- Gideon Ernst Koehler (1893-1971)
- Hulda Frieda Koehler (1895-1973)
- Margaret Mary Koehler (1897-1982)
- Matilda Esther Koehler (1900-1941)

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