Saturday, December 19, 2015

Street art Warsaw Part 3

This should be the last set of photos from my quick visit to Warsaw (see Part 1 and Part 2 here). While in Warsaw I had the opportunity to see the amazing Fryderyk Chopin Museum. I highly recommend it, and wish I had spent more time there. I also visited the National Museum, but if I had to do it over again I would probably skip the National Museum for more time at the Chopin Museum. The museum is very interactive and lets you experience the history and music of Chopin in a variety of ways. Across the street from the Chopin Museum is a large mural (see below).
Photo by Patrick Jones. Across from Chopin Museum, Warsaw.
From the back roof terrace of the Chopin Museum, one can see two murals behind the building. One on the right is associated with Chopin, while the one of the left is clearly an advertisement for Coca-Cola.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Rear roof terrace view.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Behind Chopin Museum.
Photo by Patrick Jones. 9 Dec 2015.
After viewing the Museum, I crossed the bridge of the Vistula River to explore the old district of Praga. Large Communist-era advertisements can still be found on some of the buildings, such as the one below.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Praga, Warsaw.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Painting at Kondrat & Partners, Warsaw.
The final shot is a painting by a Polish artist currently on display in a conference room of the law offices of Kondrat & Partners. The firm now owns the building where Wladyslaw Szpilman was hiding from the Nazis in World War II (and whose story became the 2002 movie The Pianist). The conference room is likely where he played piano, including the music of Chopin. We used this room for meetings, and I learned of this historical connection on my last day in Warsaw.

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