Monday, December 21, 2015

Revisiting the Halter family

Back in February I wrote about my wife's 3rd-great-grandfather, Joseph Francois Halter. His son, her 2nd-great-grandfather, was Andrew Jackson Halter. The recent addition of the Evansville Press newspaper archives to allowed me to find Andrew's death notice, which appeared in the 10 November 1919 edition of the paper.
Andrew J. Halter was born 1 June 1867 in Warrick County, Indiana. He married Cora Belle Medcalf on 9 October 1895 in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. They had at least the following children:
- Oscar Lett Halter,  born 14 June 1896, died 23 February 1966
- Robert Adolfus Halter, born 11 February 1899, died 4 May 1989
- Earl J. Halter, born 7 December 1901, died 5 April 1920
- Arlie C. Halter, born 10 January 1904, died 28 January 1904
- Charles A. Halter, born 10 January 1904, died 10 January 1904
- Irma May Halter, born 28 July 1906, died 6 November 1988
- Rose Halter, died before 1910 [?]
- Calvin Luther Halter, born 16 May 1909, died 19 June 1979
- Richard Charles Halter, born 22 November 1912, died 30 December 2002
- Mildred Delta Halter, born 3 December 1914, died 22 September 1937
- Helen Halter, born 15 December 1917, died 6 April 1995
- Andrew Glenn Halter, born 31 December 1919, died 31 January 1945

Andrew and family appear in the 1900 US Census in Knight Township, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

In the 1910 US Census, the family had moved to Ward 7 in Evansville.

Andrew worked as a laborer for various businesses in Evansville, Indiana. He died at the age of 52, leaving behind his pregnant wife Cora and 8 children. One month after Andrew's death, she delivered a son, naming him Andrew G. Halter.

Cora and family appear in the 1920 US Census (taken on 3 January 1920) in Evansville. Cora's son Earl died 3 months later. It is also interesting to see Cora was working as a farmer, which must have been difficult with young children in the house. Oldest son Oscar had married Ruth Wood on 18 November 1918, and they were living in the house at the time, so perhaps Ruth provided some assistance to Cora with the children.

By 1930, Cora was working as a maid, and her children Mildred, Richard and Helen appear in the household.

In 1940, Cora was living with her daughter Helen and grandchildren Marcella, Ethel and Laughlin.

Cora Halter died in Petoskey, Michigan on 19 October 1949. I don't have an obituary for Cora yet. There are quite a few news articles on Andrew and Cora's children. I'll post some of these during the week.

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