Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rosetta Stone

On Wednesday I was able to spend a few hours at the amazing British Museum in London. When you walk into the main entrance, the Rosetta Stone is behind glass right at the front of the museum. A replica Rosetta Stone can also be seen (and touched!) in the King's Library hall. Below are a few photos.
Photo by Patrick Jones. British Museum, London
Photo by Patrick Jones. 18 Jun 2014
Photo by Patrick Jones. Rosetta Stone replica up close.
It was impressive to see the original but the replica allows you to really get close and see the different scripts (Ancient Egyptian, Demotic and Greek). I'll have more photos later in the week from the British Museum and a very cool James Bond exhibit from another museum.


  1. How exciting that you got to see the Rosetta Stone up close--and the touchable replica is even more interesting! To me, the Rosetta Stone is one of the more fascinating of the still-existent tokens of antiquity.

    Well, Patrick, though this will in no way measure up to your widespread travels, my daughter just received her acceptance for a college semester in Ireland, and will be participating in archaeological digs there during the summer. Of course, we'll take some time to pop over and visit her...a side trip to see the Rosetta Stone would be a great opportunity, since we'll be relatively nearby. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Jacqi that's great, congratulations! I'm sure Ireland will also provide you a great research opportunity too.


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