Monday, January 27, 2014

A Double Wedding Ceremony in 1852

I have written several posts on my third-great-grandfather Henry Donham Lee Lambert (see original post from 11 Feb 2012, the post on Henry's tombstone from Oct 2012, and the series from his probate file from March 2013). I knew Henry D.L. Lambert and Sarah Brown were married on 1 August 1852 in Fayette County, Indiana. I did not know until finding a copy of the marriage record that Henry was married on the same day that his brother, Aaron Lambert, married Amanda M. Lee.
Source: FamilySearch, Indiana Marriage Records, Image 139
Aaron and Henry's marriage licenses were issued on 26 July 1852 and filed on 16 September 1852. I am making an assumption that since their licenses were issued on the same day, the marriages occurred on the same day in Fayette County and were recorded on the same day a month later, that a double ceremony was performed to celebrate both marriages.

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