Thursday, October 17, 2013

Updated AncestryDNA Results

After teasing the new & improved AncestryDNA for the last few weeks, Ancestry finally opened up the Ethnicity Estimate 2.0 for everyone. And like everyone who received the email from Ancestry this afternoon, I immediately tried to see the results. Their website must have been flooded with traffic, as the DNA page was serving up errors for a while. But a few hours later, I was able to access the page to see the new results.

A Comparison with Version 1.0
Last July, my results showed me as 79% British Isles, 14% Eastern European, and 7% Uncertain. Then my Mom took the test, and her results revealed some fascinating differences - 77% British Isles, 7% Middle Eastern, 6% Native North American, and 10% Uncertain. With the Ethnicity Estimate 2.0, my results were a bit of a surprise:
Source: AncestryDNA
For Europe, I'm 89% - 43% Great Britain, 17% Iberian Peninsula, 12% Europe West, 8% Ireland, 9% European Trace Regions. I'm also 4% Native American, which Ancestry shows as North and South America. The surprising findings were 4% Near East, 2% Asia South (centered on the subcontinent region of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), and <1% for Africa (South-Central Africa).

My Mom's new results also had some surprises compared to mine. She had 84% Europe - 35% Great Britain, 13% Italy/Greece, 12% Ireland, 11% Iberian Peninsula, 9% Europe West, 4% European Trace Regions. As in Version 1.0, her percentage of Native American is higher than mine - now 11%. But interestingly, her Near East percentage is lower, only 2%. Her South Asia percentage was lower at <1%, but she had a <1% Polynesia percentage. Her <1% Africa percentage was centered in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lybia). This location isn't surprising given our Hispanic heritage.

More Detail
Looking closer at the trace regions, my European traces divide into European Jewish 3%, Italy/Greece 3%, Scandinavia 1%, Europe East <1%, and Finnish/Northern Russia <1%. For my Mom, she had Scandinavia 2%, European Jewish 1%, Europe East <1%.

This is just the start of diving into the new results. The latest findings make me interested to ask some others in the family if they would be open to taking an AncestryDNA test.

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